We deliver enterprise-level services for mitigating digital identity risk and demonstrating federal compliance.

Harmonize your enterprise-wide approach to identity governance, architecture, and acquisition with Peraton’s ICAM services. Elevating your organization’s digital transformation strategy to improve the trust and safety of digital interactions and business transactions with the public across is critical to digital service delivery. Shift your operating model beyond simply managing access inside or outside of your organization’s perimeter to using identity as the foundation for managing risk.


Digital channels are routinely used to conduct business with the public and other governments. Organizations need robust ICAM to manage digital or electronic identities, especially in today’s climate where data breaches are commonplace, and defending against cyberattacks is more critical now than ever. The rise of synthetic identity, based on a combination of fabricated data with real identity attributes, is a growing source of fraud for both businesses and government. Peraton ICAM management services help enterprises utilize secure, efficient, easy-to-use, and interoperable identity solutions to access online services in a manner that promotes confidence, privacy, choice, and innovation—all while adhering to mandated ICAM policies.


  • Identify sensors, monitor devices, and manage access to sensitive/ non-sensitive data
  • Manage risk, meet mission success, and provide secure services to the pubic
  • Shift focus from a network-based perimeter to a risk-based ICAM approach to meet the requirements
    of cloud and mobile devices, while monitoring for insider threat and other malicious activities
  • Meet the strategic, technical and operational ICAM challenges presented by the Cloud Smart strategy
    to maximize the security of your cloud investment


ICAM Overview