Peraton is an industry leader in On Premises Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) solutions. Since 2003, our services have enabled federal, state, and local government agencies to transform their data center operations. As a flexible consumption model, XaaS customers benefit from efficient, affordable, and sustainable IT modernization that is conveniently delivered in a cloud or cloudlike experience.


Peraton XaaS is an as-a-Service consumption model for utilizing enterprise IT infrastructure tailored to customer preferences for OEM equipment, data center location, managed services, and on-demand professional services. As a flexible infrastructure, it’s capable of scaling up and down, providing elastic IT capacity that meets customers’ unique operational needs.

Peraton owns, installs, and maintains all XaaS enterprise IT infrastructure physically located on-premises at the customer site or a co-location facility and within a government firewall. We build private and hybrid cloud infrastructures that align with the NIST SP 800-145 definition for cloud computing.

Peraton has key enterprise-class data center and edge offerings that reflect government agencies most requested technologies. For over twenty years, the XaaS team has specialized in delivering purpose-built, client-customized platforms and service options. Customers can start small by modernizing a legacy environment and scale to multiple environments across the enterprise to innovate a full end-to-end data center solution.


Today’s government IT organizations are subject to inexorable IT demands to achieve and maintain a resilient security posture, scale enterprise performance, and comply with industry standards and federal policy mandates. For data center environments, sustaining IT operations amid IT modernization initiatives add even more complexities. Threats to data security and the unavailability of mission-critical systems can lead to disastrous consequences.

The XaaS model is an efficient, flexible, and affordable path to sustainable IT modernization. As a transformational framework, it accelerates modernization by removing common government obstacles. It allows customers to transfer numerous burdens and risks associated with traditional IT purchases to a Peraton team of multi-vendor industry experts.

XaaS delivers value to customers in cost savings, resource optimization, and ease of use as evidenced by the differentiating factors of a cloudlike customer experience, multi-vendor industry expertise, and operational agility.

Cloudlike Customer Experience

Elasticity and consumption economics

As a flexible consumption model, XaaS delivers elastic IT capacity that scales to programmatic operational needs, adjusting for variabilities in workload demands and compute performance. Our customers gain cost savings on annual infrastructure expenses by paying only for actual usage or a provisioned amount of IT capacity that is adjustable monthly.

Multi-vendor Industry Expertise

Mission enabling productivity

Government customers gain operational efficiencies that empower their workforces to focus on business that advances their mission and vision. Our extensive relationships with leading OEMs and niche technology vendors allow us to innovatively design, deliver, and manage modern infrastructure with high functionality. Our contracts often include multiple OEM vendors to collaboratively deliver mission-enabling infrastructure.

Operational Agility

Transformational framework for flexible hybrid IT

Hybrid IT blends on premises and off premises infrastructure to sustainably transform and incrementally modernize the enterprise, extending its functionality to cloud, edge computing, IoT blockchain, and artificial intelligence. Customers can operate with more agility, transparency, and governance over IT environments, enabling them to easily introduce and experiment with state-of-the-art technology.

We specialize in high-trust partnerships. With over $5B in XaaS contracts, our customers continue to rely on our services for their most critical IT systems. The XaaS model is a transformational framework serving over 30 federal customers within defense and civilian agencies.

Your journey to IT modernization: Peraton XaaS

Meet ever-evolving IT standards while maintaining your security posture with Peraton’s efficient, flexible, and affordable XaaS model.

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Managed Services: A Cost-Effective Way for Government to Do Business

Using managed services to take advantage of cloud computing and implement the XaaS model allows the government to operate more effectively and efficiently, and to focus its attention on mission critical goals and acquiring talented professionals in this challenging workforce environment.

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