NextGenCP provides a competitive edge regarding security and information assurance over cloud environments that are not FedRAMP-certified. Authorized by FedRAMP on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform for platform as service (PaaS) and FedRAMP-certified for deploying multiple software as a service (SaaS) solutions, NextGenCP enables agencies and businesses to achieve FedRAMP certification for an application rapidly and economically—and get it quickly hosted on a secure and stable platform.


Our platform includes FedRAMP-compliant technical infrastructure and FedRAMP-compliant operational policies, processes, and procedures which can be used by all customers—federal, state, and commercial. FedRAMP authorization also indicates FISMA and NIST 800-53 rev4 compliance.

NextGenCP offers customers a significant time, cost, and resource savings for the FedRAMP-required cloud provider security evaluation. In addition, the NextGenCP offers multiple pre-approved SaaS products that can utilize the reusable framework and allow customers to inherit FedRAMP authorization.

  • 50%-70% reduction in time to FedRAMP certification
  • 60% cost savings in initial FedRAMP certification
  • 70% cost savings in annual O&M fees by hosting on NextGenCP

The structure of our platform provides easy entry for a new application into a FedRAMP-certified AWS environment and access to continuous internal monitoring performed by Peraton.

The Peraton NextGenCP team is highly trained and focused on ensuring your organization experiences an easy, efficient, and metrics-driven transition to the FedRAMP environment. Our customers are able to leverage monthly monitoring reports to engage with the team on any vulnerabilities or questions.


  • AWS-based FedRAMP-certified Moderate Impact Level/DISA Impact Level 2 environment hosting SaaS solutions for federal, state, and commercial customers
  • Full FedRAMP certification in as soon as six months
  • 80% faster FedRAMP certification for applications
  • Zero unplanned downtime and zero incidents, malware, or viruses on platform since inception
  • Customized approach
  • Trusted by the largest integrated health care system in the world with nearly 400,000 daily users

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