Peraton’s Global Exchange Services (GEX) Application Services provides complete software development lifecycle support for business process re-engineering, data intelligence, secure messaging, mediation, and routing capabilities.

GEX provides

  • Data exchange, business process re-engineering services and software securely connect existing customer systems through auditable data standards and processes.
  • Supports any-to-any data translation (including Health Care, X12, xml) and is routinely used for validation to improve data quality and provide business intelligence.
  • Ensures the highest level of security for data-in-motion routing between large, complex business applications
  • Concurrently handling hundreds of millions of information sets in hundreds of formats across various systems and agencies — and provides a complete audit trail for each transaction and payment to ensure financial logistics.
  • Thousands of commercial, Department of Defense (DoD), Federal government customers and their business systems each maintain unique, secure, configurable data flows. There is no commingling of information between organizations and their systems unless an information sharing agreement is approved.

GEX Application Services

GEX Application Services handles all backend data integration with system partners so their application developers can focus on the core mission instead of the complexity of managing data and communications across the DoD. The system also reduces labor software costs by operating as a shared service. Cost avoidance is achieved through reuse of established service buses, shared licensing, and reduction in the labor costs of system administration and engineering.

Agencies and the DoD attain critical enterprise views of their business process logic and data among hundreds of financial, logistics, human resource, and payment systems. For example, GEX processes DoD service’s military pay, vendor pay between DoD and Treasury, and all DoD contracts—over 14 million transactions daily and hundreds of millions of transactions each month at Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) hosted operations.

GEX Support Services

Experienced with the integration of multiple commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software packages, Peraton develops and fields the largest secure business message broker and mediation service application in the DoD.

The program’s subject matter expertise in DOD Procurement Data Standard (PDS) and Standard Lines of Accounting Service (SLOA) is helping DoD achieve its financial standards and a clean audit.

Peraton’s Global Exchange Services (GEX) Application Services

Web Service APIs

  • PDS & Purchase Request Data Standard (PRDS) PreValidation
    Synchronous communication channel that validates PDS and PRDS files and sends immediate results prior to final submission.
  • SLOA PreValidation
    Rules engine API that validates the Standard Line of Accounting (SLOA) against the authoritative Standard Financial Information Structure (SFIS) data set and provides real-time acknowledgment results via synchronous web service.
  • Clause Logic Service
    Cloud-hosted, rules-based decision engine for the automated selection of Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) clauses and provisions to be included in a procurement instrument.

Powering Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

  • Real-time financial and procurement data feeds to DoD’s ADVANA and Procurement Business Intelligence System (PBIS) BI tools.
  • Generate transactional data quality dashboards for all systems utilizing P2P data standards.

Audit Readiness

  • EDI Transformation and Rendered Documents
    Transmit real time, high volume X12 messages to DLA Document Automation Content Services (DACS) using data translation maps that capture key searchable metadata and convert X12 into user-friendly PDFs for auditors.
  • Data Validations
    Validation graphs ensure handshake data standards (including PDS, PRDS, CDS, PAM, PIR, FIDS) and business rules across the P2P lifecycle are systemically enforced. Validation results reported immediately to the sending system.
  • Interface Frameworks
    Dramatically reduce point-to-point interfaces to process data for Handshake 5 in coordination with PIEE, and Handshake 7 in coordination with Treasury Payment systems.

P2P Handshake 2 Automation

Correlation application and database that automates the P2PHandshake 2 Funds Check through the system between contract writing systems and accounting systems.


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