Acusil® Thermal Protection System

Trusted to Shield Critical National Security Assets Against Extreme Conditions

Acusil® is a proprietary, light-weight, silicone syntactic, foam-based thermal protection system (TPS) with excellent insulation properties, as well as radio frequency (RF) transmission capabilities. Acusil® materials are directly applied to surfaces or bonded onto structures as prefabricated panels.

The Acusil® product suite is used on an array of flight-qualified applications, and integral to the manufacture of interceptor missiles used to provide front-line support for U.S. counter-measures.

In the space market, Acusil® has been used to protect against ascent heating on booster payload systems for NASA’s Pegasus Booster and is a vital component of the 2020 Mars Lander mission. Acusil®’s proven ablation characteristics, thermal insulative and RF transmission properties—as well as ease of application—make it the ideal choice for our customers’ thermal protection needs.