Secure framework for responsive development and rapid deployment of Cross Domain Solutions (CDSs)

The long-standing partnership between Peraton and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has ensured secure information sharing and collaboration across government domains through advanced CDSs.

Constantly evolving cyber threats and stringent security guidelines have necessitated new technical advancements to meet today’s changing mission requirements. Once again, Peraton and AFRL cyber experts have joined forces to develop an innovative, ground-breaking CDS called X-domain Agile Rules-Based Information Transfer Orchestrator (X-ARBITOR). X-ARBITOR was added to the National Cross Domain Strategy & Management Office (NCDSMO) Baseline list of approved CDSs in July of 2021.

X-ARBITOR is the result of a “next generation guard” engineering effort whose guiding principle is the establishment of a secure, scalable framework that supports responsive development and rapid deployment of CDSs. Leveraging current capabilities and building off years of lessons learned, the X-ARBITOR team has implemented revolutionary architectural changes for unprecedented network security as well as enhanced management and monitoring to include:

  • NSA NCDSMO Raise-the-Bar (RTB) Compliant
  • Red Hat Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux)
  • Recursive, RAIN Compliant Filter Orchestration Engine (FOE)
  • Multi-domain, Bi-directional Data Transfer
  • Broad Support for Complex and Fixed Format Data
  • Pluggable Filters and Protocol Adapters
  • Open Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs)
  • Extensive GUI-driven Configurability
  • Role-Based Access (RBAC) with Two Knowledgeable Person Control (TKPC)
  • Integrity and Process Monitoring
  • Auditing and Logging support for SIEM
  • Autonomous Event Management
  • Secure Boot
  • Fine Grained MAC and DAC
  • Modular SELinux Security Policy