Words from Mom

A little motherly advice.

As we look forward to Mother’s Day this Sunday and honoring our mothers for all they mean to us, we talked to several of our amazing Peraton moms about being a mom, working at Peraton and getting the most out of both.

Here’s some of the advice they gave us:

Make “me time” a priority.

“Build downtime into your schedule. Take time for yourself and teach your child how to do the same. Pursue your passions – doing something you love reduces stress and energizes you. Peraton promotes a healthy work/life balance by providing schedule flexibility, generous paid time off, maternity/paternity benefits, flexible work arrangements and more.”

– Leslie Mauger, Director of Pricing, Strategy and Intelligence

Be intentional.

“You need to respect that both are deserving of your undivided attention – when you are at work be the best you can be and provide undivided attention and when you are with your child be the best mom you can be and provide undivided attention. You also need to be realistic and know that it is not always achievable. Achieve a balance that is right for your family and circumstances.”

– Szu Yang, Vice President, Contracts

Find your balance.

“Make sure your manager’s values include work-life balance. Work together as a team to make sure everyone is balanced and to remind you when you get off course. Fortunately, I have management that reminds me that work-life balance is important and helps me achieve that balance.”

– Kimberly Bricker, Program Manager

Give yourself a break.

“Take it one day at time. Don’t beat yourself up when you’re not as productive as you would like to be. Tomorrow is a new day. Allow others to help when needed, this applies to home and work. Let go of the guilt and be present in the moment.”

– Katrina McLennon, Human Resources Director

Family comes first.

“Family first is definitely an important value at Peraton. I always hear that from everyone. To me, that’s huge. This is a place of hardworking people who are also very compassionate. You don’t have to be afraid to ask for help. I give my best because I know my children are watching.”

– Barbara L. Fortner, Executive Assistant

Let you be you.

“It is okay to have a career, but remember that you now have a child that also needs you. Take time out for yourself and for your family – it is a must!  For me, family is my refresher point, my relax and be your fun, silly, crying, absolute self. They love me no matter what!”

– Dominique D’Antignac, Senior Manager of Shared Services