Reggie – Shipping and Receiving Supervisor

As a Shipping and Receiving Supervisor at Peraton, Reggie knows what it’s like when an entire team is counting on you to perform at your highest level. He knows how to work hard, go above and beyond and deliver under pressure. That’s because long before he joined Peraton, Reggie was doing all of those things as a passionate football player.

From an early age, Reggie loved football. He loved watching it, playing it, working out for it and just living the game. He played college ball at Norfolk State University, a small Division II school in Virginia. Though he wasn’t drafted by any NFL team, he did get a lot of attention for his abilities and attitude on the gridiron. In fact, his natural talent and hard work were eventually rewarded with tryouts for the Washington Redskins and Baltimore Ravens. Reggie even landed a position on the Ravens’ practice squad. Sharing the field with many of his idols was, in his words, “One of my biggest accomplishments. Many people never get the opportunity to step on an NFL field, much less play at that level.”

His brief stint with the Ravens had the added benefit of bringing Reggie and his wife to Middleburg, Virginia. Though long behind him, his football experience continues to inspire his life off the field. These experiences – shaped by dogged perseverance and underscored by a love of routines – are carried forward at work, at the gym, and even at home helping his nine-year-old son follow his own dream of becoming a basketball player.

Today, with his football days behind him, Reggie is a key member of the Peraton team. He oversees property logistics for all Peraton locations throughout the East Coast. That means he is responsible for everything that comes through our doors, including capital, and company- and government-owned property. The unrelenting discipline that was honed on the football field has served Reggie very well in his current role with us. We’re glad he’s on our team.