PuriFile: Data Loss Prevention to Ensure Continuity of Operations

The complexity and sheer volume of documents being shared in today’s mission environment can result in the inadvertent sharing of sensitive, classified, or otherwise inappropriate information. Furthermore, the insider threat, bent on intentionally harming the organization in which they work, can use the intricate constructs present in file formats to exfiltrate sensitive data in ways that cannot be detected by many existing IT security protocols. The PuriFile software suite  provides next-generation deep content inspection, threat detection, and sanitization of sensitive data to ensure continuity of operations.

PuriFile enables clients to automatically inspect and sanitize sensitive digital files moving across multiple domains, i.e., “Secret” to “Top Secret.” By applying known industry file standards, PuriFile deconstructs the file, removes any non-standard data, and reconstructs the file before releasing it from the network. This groundbreaking technology has revolutionized data sharing in the cross-domain world. For its unique capabilities, PuriFile has been awarded multiple patents and is recognized as the first Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) product certified by the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC).

Considered the de facto standard among most cross-domain solutions, PuriFile is trusted by multiple defense and intelligence agencies, including the Department of Defense and is mandatory for use by the Defense Information Systems Agency Unified Cross Domain Services Management Office. Significantly reducing network downtime due to cyber intrusions, PuriFile frees defense and IC cyber personnel to focus on their broader mission and assure the integrity of some of our government’s most important networks.

PuriFile is constantly improving its features and providing enhancements that help customers combat current and emerging threats to their enterprise. The latest version is JAVA-based and can identify potential vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office, Adobe, source code, media, image files, and many compressed formats. It also offers new features like custom filter support, a web-enabled engine administrator, and a web-enabled policy administrator.


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