Peraton’s Deep Space Network Team Champions Future Space Explorers

The DSN team gives back

Recently, the DSN team sponsored a Job Shadowing Day for local high school students in Monrovia, California in connection with an annual spring Career Day. To-date, DSN has sponsored job shadowing for 30-plus high school students. This year, observing engineering and communications experts, students were introduced to a wide array of missions. And, they were thrilled to get practical advice from respected subject matter experts on future career paths, while Peraton’s experts were deeply gratified to give back to STEAM-inspired youth in their community.

For five summers running, the DSN team has partnered with Troy Tech, a STEAM-centric magnet high school in Fullerton, California, to provide internships that bridge students’ junior into senior schoolyears. The DSN team mentored five interns, guiding them in completing STEAM-immersive projects over the course of 150 hours, offering real life experience to help inform their pursuit of academic and career goals. Peraton mentors and other staff members included them in all aspects of daily work life, from routine meetings to All-Hands sessions and local team-building events. Their biggest thrill came in taking a tour of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena. Plus, all of their project work will be put to practical use by the DSN team.

Why our support matters

Supporting STEAM is a win-win for all involved. As the space exploration workforce ages, the need for young engineers and scientists will increase. Many current NASA professionals were around for the incredible advances made in the last 50 years. STEAM opportunities in this field provide the chance for kids to learn from experts that helped put the first man on the moon! And, they receive great on-the-job experience working in a professional setting alongside Peraton’s seasoned subject matter experts who enjoyed encouraging their curiosity, enthusiasm, and determination to succeed. DSN’s support helps ensure we nurture space explorers for tomorrow’s space missions.