Peraton Collaborates and Learns as an Amazon Web Services Partner

As a next-generation national security company, Peraton depends on a wide range of other businesses to help do the can’t be done for critical civil and military missions. That is why Peraton is a member of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network, a global program for technology and consulting businesses that leverage Amazon Web Services to build customer solutions and services.

In 2019, Peraton and AWS teamed up to integrate OS/COMET, Peraton’s leading satellite command and control system used by approximately 350 active satellites, with AWS Ground Station. The integration of OS/COMET in the cloud with AWS Ground Station has enabled Peraton to provide customers with mission management and tracking, telemetry, and control (TT&C) solutions that help scale operations to manage increasingly large satellite constellations, and also to schedule additional ground contacts.

OS/COMET’s cloud-based architecture features a robust, open interface easily deployable and fully responsive to the demands of any spacecraft, ground system or mission type. A complete turnkey TT&C solution, OS/COMET supports seamless integration with or reconfiguration of existing systems, as well as development of new space operations centers.

AWS Ground Station provides customers an expanded network of satellite ground stations, low latency, and easy access to other AWS services for data processing, storage, and analysis. It is the industry’s first and only fully managed global ground station-as-a-service. Together, Peraton and AWS Ground Station are helping customers simplify complex processing tasks, realize cost and time-to-market benefits, and facilitate space missions.

In February 2020, Peraton participated in a four-day AWS Data Lab collaboration open only to members of the Partner Network, where the two companies worked toward producing a prototype solution that addressed a Peraton business need. During the preceding two months, Peraton met regularly with an AWS team to prepare for the Data Lab.

The Data Lab focused on developing a prototype that integrated secure and scalable cloud-based enterprise search capabilities with natural language processing tools for multiple use cases. Peraton incorporated software and systems engineers working on independent research and development (IRAD) projects for multiple business sectors into the Data Lab process, which provided an immersive, hands-on learning and development opportunity.

During the Data Lab, the Peraton team had constant access to a team of AWS solution architects and rotated across development activities – ensuring that each member of the team was exposed to multiple technologies, implementation approaches, and team members. Peraton is using the resulting prototype for multiple pursuits and a Peraton commercial product.