P-IEP: Advanced Electromagnetic Spectrum Solution

Portable technology for today’s battlefield.

Today’s battlefield needs advanced tools to characterize and measure the electromagnetic spectrum of sophisticated radar systems. Peraton meets this challenge with the Portable Interactive Electronic  Intelligence (ELINT) Processor (P-IEP) – a portable solution for collection, parameterization, and threat identification in this environment.

Radar technology is rapidly evolving to meet the needs of the unconventional battlefield. Characterizing radar signals to locate and identify threats requires flexible hardware tools and a sophisticated set of software applications. The P-IEP provides analysts with these in a tactical package that can be moved to identify these signals wherever they might hide. Dominating the electronic warfare environment helps keep our warfighters safe.

P-IEP is Peraton’s portable solution for the capture and characterization of these complex and constantly changing signals. The small size and configurable nature of the product makes it ideally suited for use in the field or in the lab. The P-IEP also provides deep storage, an advanced signal characterization tool, off-line monitoring and analysis tools, a calibration mode, and superior RF performance to accurately capture and identify the most demanding radar signals.