Podcast: Gregory Garrett, VP, Cybersecurity (ServiceNow Series E131)

Alldus: ServiceNow Series

November 3, 2023

Gregory is a global business and technology leader who has led the P&L, and strategic business planning and execution of over $40 Billion of high-technology contracts and programs in the public and private business sectors worldwide. He has served as the President and General Manager of three IT and Cyber companies, Global CISO & Head of Global Cybersecurity for BDO international, and CIO and CISO at Lucent Technologies. Gregory is also a Best-Selling Author of 24 published Business Books, including “Cybersecurity in the Digital Age.”

In this episode, Gregory discusses:

  • The interesting work he does with Peraton
  • Recent digital transformation trends in the cybersecurity sector
  • Tackling the skills shortage within cybersecurity for the public sector
  • The need for security orchestration and modernizing IT infrastructure
  • How ServiceNow helps companies enhance their cybersecurity practices
  • An insight and history of R&D at Peraton Labs
  • Projects he is working on in energy, space exploration & quantum computing
  • Why to consider a career with Peraton

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