Cyber Hardened Networks for the New Battlefield

Every day, our nation’s defenders combat adversaries using increasingly sophisticated methods of attack on a complex and ever-changing electronic battlefield. Advanced jamming and signal collection techniques threaten communications and networks vital to Joint mission operations and deployed forces. Challenged with the delivery of a resilient, cyber hardened network infrastructure, modern warfare strategists invested in research and development aimed at assuring critical readiness in any mission or threat scenario.

The Department of Defense implemented the Future Autonomous Battlespace RF with Integrated Communications (FABRIC) System Development and Integration program promising a flexible, affordable, high-capacity network with greater stability against cyber attacks, improved connectivity, and rapid response to shifting mission demands on land, in the air, and at sea. FABRIC represents the architecture of the future with a focus on cyber hardened networks and systems interoperability in anticipation of emerging threats.

To meet FABRIC’s computing needs, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) awarded Peraton with an initial $2.6 million, 30 month contract to support the development of a 14nm embedded, 64-core processor. This next-generation microprocessor, is an essential component of the new infrastructure. The effort includes design and development of the microprocessor, the hardware and operating system, the core-level microcode, system services, and prototype-printed circuit boards.

Separately, Peraton supports AFRL’s Information Support Server Environment (ISSE) with advanced cross domain solutions, and recently teamed up to architect X-domain Agile Rules-Based Information Transfer Orchestrator (X-ARBITOR), an enhanced security framework enabling rapid deployment of emerging cross-domain solutions. Peraton was also recently awarded a spot on AFRL’s Agile Cyber Technologies 2 Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contract worth $950 million.

Peraton is a trusted, mission capability integrator to the emergent warfighter domains engineering tactical solutions and advanced countermeasures essential to modern warfare.