Mission Management Suite

Collaborative Solutions for Integrated Ground-Space Missions

Peraton’s Mission Management Suite offers comprehensive mission support with direct access to transformative solutions that eliminate errors, protect space assets, and enable secure communications so you can Command the Cosmos.

Unsurpassed Partnership Experience

Close collaboration on the development of tools and services agreements reinforces a shared vision while freedom of access to user-friendly, customizable tools remains the cornerstone of enduring, customer-centric partnerships through and beyond mission attainment.

Future-Focused Mission Management Solutions

From notional to operational, we help customers develop, build and implement agile, scalable solutions with superior flexibility for unique applications and complex mission challenges regardless of business model. Our transformative systems support rapid fielding of technology and engineer platform architecture advancements for ongoing enterprise ground-services initiatives.

Trusted by the DoD, NOAA and NASA, Peraton’s customizable mission planning services and reliable OS/COMET TT&C solutions support GOES-R weather satellites, the future Orion manned space flight, and 350-plus satellites and hosted payloads worldwide including the USAF’s GPS constellation and future multi-mission STPSat-6.

Customizable Mission Management Suite Offerings

Select from our extensive offerings for a tailored solution to best suit your mission needs.

  • Mission Planning Services
  • Constellation & Fleet Managemnt
  • Sytems Engineering
  • Automation
  • Services/Cloud/Hybrid Architectures
  • Cybersecurity