Coming together to forge
the future of national security.

We are proud to welcome more than 6,000 talented colleagues to the new Peraton.

Our collective focus on redefining national security is one that considers all that keeps us safe – not just national defense and intelligence, but also health security, financial security, and commerce security. Approaching problems in this holistic way is how we will support our customers’ missions of consequence.
This site is meant to inform those coming to Peraton as part of this acquisition, those who have applied for a job with the new organization, and our stakeholders. Refer to it frequently for updates.

Peraton is a combination of the prefix “per,” which means “through, thoroughly, utterly or very,” and a riff on the word “operation.” It evokes our dedication to supporting and serving our customers’ missions. Peraton also brings to mind the term “imperative,” which underscores the essential nature of our services and the missions of consequence we serve. We are the essential people – the key talent that is both necessary and imperative to completing a specific operation in support of the larger mission. Pronunciation: Páir-uh-tahn.

Peraton strongly encourages and supports diversity, inclusion, and the value that is generated from disparate backgrounds and experiences. We believe it is the collective power of all our voices that gives us the strength to face and solve some of our nation’s most daunting challenges.


Peraton | Do The Can't Be Done.