Helping Analysts Respond Quickly and Efficiently to Potential Threats

When every second counts, rapid access to vital information and real-time collaboration between agency personnel is paramount in the successful apprehension of a wanted criminal or identifying malicious hackers.

Peraton is a trusted partner to the Department of Justice, helping to further enhance intrusion analysis capabilities and improve malware triage through automation. Utilizing deep dive forensic analysis and malware reverse engineering, our analysts bring together leading edge tools and techniques to determine the specifics of a computer and/or network intrusion and conduct full lifecycle analysis of digital media. Our specialized engineers support the mission through their design, development, and maintenance of a malware triage and repository system.

Ensuring the safety and security of our nation’s citizens and those who protect them is a vital component of the Peraton mission. For decades we’ve delivered next-generation data analysis and correlation capabilities across disparate stakeholders including defense, civilian and intelligence agencies, and law enforcement. Together, we help enable successful mission outcomes with unsurpassed analysis and engineering support for a safer country for all. Put your specialized skills to work. Join our team!

For more information on our partnership, read the press release.