The Department of the Air Force can increase productivity while reducing cost and risk by optimizing the interaction of technology, people, processes, and data.

Our digital transformation, operational and governance models with experience of over five decades delivering outcomes that matter. Our Super-Team of DOD Mission Integrators, DAF Enterprise Operational Experience, Cyber Innovation, and best in class commercial experience – the right innovative capabilities and current DAF mission integration to transform the DAF and achieve the EITaaS Vision.


years delivering user support to the military


endpoints across government and commercial sectors


staff supporting DAF today


Layers of benefits roll up to create advantages in multiple domains.

From a framework that provides foundational IT to digital transformation, digital workplace services, and cybersecurity, Peraton ensures that enterprise programs achieve expected outcomes. See how Peraton delivers on the promise of EITaaS for Airmen and Guardians.



Wherever the mission leads, Peraton’s end-to-end, zero trust security model is at work.
Cybersecurity for Evolving Threats

Digital transformation

Peraton’s innovative approaches are what the DOD needs to apply commercial best practices, keeping up with the speed and change in IT.
Digital Agile Engineering Accelerating Improvements to DOD Networks

Intelligent automation

With Robotic Process Automation we simplify the monitoring, maintenance and other routine functions customized to your processes.
RPA in the Public Sector

User experience

Enterprise programs succeed when driven by what users need.
Impact of Customer UX on Defense Mission

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