Dominique – Senior Manager, Shared Services

As senior manager for shared services at Peraton, Dominique is all about making the complex and confusing understandable and usable. Dominique and her team ensure Peraton’s accounting department runs smoothly by developing and implementing streamlined management methods that optimize payroll, travel, expenses and accounts payable. With dedication to always going above and beyond, Dominique also creates training programs tailored to Peraton’s unique reporting systems.

Away from work, Dominique continues to live out her passion for bridging differences and connecting with others. She devotes her spare time to teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) to people who have come to America from all over the world. This includes new immigrants from such diverse places as Russia, Afghanistan, and the Philippines. Dominique takes great pride in helping break down language barriers so that these students can find an easier path transitioning into American culture.

Though her focus is on teaching English to new immigrants, Dominique admits that she learns just as much – if not more – from them. Her students share their incredible stories of coming to America, including their challenging journeys and their dreams for their children. She also enjoys experiencing their native foods during potluck gatherings. Dominique says, “One of the most important aspects of life is to immerse yourself in other people’s cultures. It takes time, but it can be such an eye-opening experience.”

Through her open and giving nature, Dominique is always willing to lend a hand to those in need. This spirit of service finds its source and its inspiration in both her family and church community in Manassas, Virginia. When it comes to her passion for teaching others at and outside of work, Dominique says, “There isn’t much difference between teaching someone English versus teaching someone Concur. Both take patience, hard work and someone willing to help.”