USAF NETCENTS 2 Network Operations (NetOps) Full & Open


NetOps provides a wide range of services and solutions covering existing legacy infrastructure, networks, systems and operations as well as emerging requirements, and guidance provided by the Intelligence Community (IC) Information Sharing Executive[OJ(P1]  (ISE) and Air Force chief information officers. The contract vehicle provides access to network-centric information technology, networking, and security, voice, video and data communications, system solutions and services to satisfy the Combat Support (CS), Command and Control (C2), and Intelligence Reconnaissance and Surveillance (ISR) Air Force and DoD requirements worldwide.

The NetOps contract will provide users the capabilities to find, access, collaborate, fuse, display, manage and store information on the DoD Global Information Grid (GIG) and IC information sharing environment. Other services include wireless devices/capabilities and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs),  i.e., blackberries and information intensive data applications.