Citadel II: Tactical Solution for Modern Warfare

Today’s evolving battlefield has moved from conventional warfare tactics to advanced countermeasures using the electromagnetic spectrum. Peraton is ready with Citadel II, a tactical solution essential to protecting our national security.

Modern warfare is increasingly dependent on use of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. A fighting force that can prevent an enemy from communicating or using electronic means to detonate explosives has a distinct advantage on the battlefield. Peraton’s support for electronic warfare (EW) gives warfighters the ability to thwart an attack by denying the enemy access to the EM spectrum while remaining interoperable with friendly countermeasures systems. Dominating the electronic warfare environment helps keep our warfighters safe.

Citadel II has been Peraton’s tactical-level solution since 2008. It can be carried by an individual or deployed by a robot to jam signals intended to detonate explosives remotely and is an essential tool in asymmetric and irregular warfare.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Environmentally rugged
  • Upgradeable
  • Interoperable with CREW systems
  • Capable of delayed operation via front panel or remote control
  • Operates on an internal or external power source
    • Widely accepted, rechargeable BB-2590 batteries can be hot-swapped
    • Can operate on house power or shore power via an external power supply
  • Batteries outlast the mission, even under maximum load
  • Health monitoring
    • Battery life
    • RF power output
    • Internal temperature
    • GPS status
    • Remote connectivity (remote mode only)
  • Zeroization feature allows the system to be stored in unclassified areas
  • Audible and visual alerts can be disabled for stealth operations
  • Dimensions
    • Without antennas: 10.0 in. x 15.8 in. x 7.5 in.
    • With antennas: 22.5 in. x 19.0 in. x 7.5 in.

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