Air Force’s CAMMO: Consolidation for Maximum Performance

Maximizing operational readiness and lowering costs through consolidated service and support of national space assets.

The Consolidated Air Force Satellite
CAMMO combines sustainment, operations, and maintenance from three current Air Force programs — Satellite Control Network Contract (SCNC), Network and Space Operations Maintenance (NSOM), and Engineering, Development & Sustainment (EDS) — to maintain the operational performance of the Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN) on a single contract vehicle.

Under CAMMO, the Peraton team helps maintain operational performance through consolidated service and support of a large number of Air Force satellites at eight sites around the globe. We aim to improve efficiencies that will significantly reduce operating costs, meeting one of the Air Force’s primary goals. Our excellent past performance and deep understanding of requirements and culture on legacy Air Force programs make us the ideal mission partner.

Delivering the best operations performance in the history of AFSCN, our achievements include an award fee of 98 percent — the highest award fee score ever on the program — and the best ops performance score in the 15 years since the statistic has been tracked.

For over a decade leading the legacy NSOM program, we effectively directed hundreds of Peraton and partner employees on every aspect of the program. In addition, we helped reduce costs by nearly 25 percent while providing 100 percent operational performance scores, resulting in one million plus error-free satellite contacts from satellite remote tracking station sites.