Advancing Cross Domain Solutions

Empowering the Air Force Research Laboratory with advanced, innovative cross domain solutions

Government information systems are connected to a variety of networks, each controlled by different security policies and representing distinct security domains. These domains are isolated from each other, typically to protect sensitive/classified information and network resources.

Information Support Server Environment (ISSE) is a multi-domain, multi-purpose, configurable cross domain transfer solution that enables secure sharing of information and facilitates collaboration across secure domains. For over 25 years, Peraton engineers have collaborated with AFRL to evolve and mature the ISSE system to keep pace with technological advances, changing mission requirements, and new security challenges.

ISSE allows users to create and transfer email messages and file-based products securely between security domains while preventing the unauthorized release of information. ISSE also supports machine-to-machine cross domain information exchange such as database replication, video transfer, and Web Services communications. Data transfers are automatically audited and filtered to protect against cyber attacks ensuring a more effective and secure collaboration across security domains.

Peraton further advanced the ISSE security posture by embedding Peraton’s PuriFile product suite within the ISSE data transfer architecture. PuriFile provides next generation deep content inspection, threat detection, and sanitization of sensitive data to ensure continuity of operations and is considered the de facto standard used in conjunction with most cross domain solutions.

To address the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks, Peraton and AFRL have teamed up to architect X-domain Agile Rules-Based Information Transfer Orchestrator (X-ARBITOR), a next generation security framework enabling rapid deployment of emerging cross domain solutions. Learn more about X-ARBITOR.