ADIVS II: Air Defense Interoperability Validation System

Real-time situational awareness for interoperability testing and training

Readiness is critical for any military organization, but especially so for a defense alliance like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Exercises are the way military organizations stay sharp and prepare for new threats.

The ADIVS II team has supported numerous NATO electronic warfare, missile defense, and fire control training exercises during the past 20 years. These exercises allow the intergovernmental military alliance to test and validate concepts, procedures, and systems to ensure interoperability among participants for effective and coordinated military actions. To carry out these exercises successfully, NATO forces must be able to communicate flawlessly and to transmit and analyze the data they need to make critical and often split-second decisions in real-life threat scenarios.

ADIVS II is a Microsoft Windows®-based system for Tactical Data Link (TDL) simulation and analysis. The system runs on commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and has Windows 7 NATO security compatibility and accreditation. With its simulation capabilities, ADIVS II can create situational environments for ground and air complete with numerous tracks. ADIVS II simultaneously supports multiple interfaces including military tactical data-exchange networks, military communications protocols and real-time war-gaming simulations.

The ADIVS II software provides real-time analysis tools that allow the operator to quickly find errors so they can be addressed during an exercise while the event is happening as well as post-mission using playback and recorded data.

Used by the German Armed Forces and the NATO Communications and Information Agency, ADIVS II currently supports ground and air network testing of past, present, and future data link systems.

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